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[icon] life's one big happy trip
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Time:08:21 pm


I'll no longer post here. :)
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Time:02:20 pm
some random quiz I took...boredomCollapse )

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Subject:well today...
Time:04:02 pm
I was bored. I found a can of black haircolour and went wild!! It was pretty fun, some neat pics came out of it. Too bad my hair isn't REALLY that colour. :(

Two months ago, on this day, I started going out with Blue. <3 Just thought you all should know. :p

Black and Red No. 1-3Collapse )
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Time:04:06 pm
I figured it out!! <3Collapse )
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Time:08:20 pm
Current Mood:restlessrestless
Just so everyone knows, this is going to be a HUGE entry. Because I don't write anymore. But I have my reasons.

Well my dad has multiple kidney stones, which sucks badly. He's in a load of pain and I can't do anything to help him. Plus, we went to San Antonio on Monday (of last week) so he could see a doctor, and we've been here ever since, except for about 2 days where we went home for a little while. He has a procedure tomorrow, and is feeling better, so hopefully I'll be home by tomorrow/Wednesday. Spring break has sucked.

I got this really cool haircut, but I'm a little fat right now because of G'ma's good cooking, so with a little bit rounded face, it looks crappy. It's the first time I've had bangs in a long time.

It's been a month and two weeks with blue (since last Thursday) and things couldn't be better, aside from the fact I'm limited to 15 minute calls because my mom doesnt want to go over her cell phone minutes. But they say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and dammit it's working.

I found the coolest cookbook ever, called "A Cookbook for Blondes" but it cost $20!! Why can't I have money right now??? It was so cool!

Now this part is really interesting. Blue made a CD for me of all the bands he listens to. And it's all metal. And you see, I don't really listen to metal. So I listened to the CD all the way through, and was ok with songs 1-4, but the rest of the CD was a little weird. I got to tracks 15-16 and was like OMGZ!!11eleven! These are really good!! So apparently, the band that did those two songs is Killswitch Engage. And I kinda like them. But Green Day takes tops. I dont know why this is interesting or anything, but I'm REALLY bored right now and I'm waiting for a d/l to finish.

When I get home, I'm going to figure out the livejournal cut thing, and post pictures, becaus Jessica takes the coolest pictures ever (Allan's jessica...not me.)


P.S. Don't get hit in the face with a frisbee. Just...dont.
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Time:12:12 am
I'm writing music now. It's fun.

Things are awesome.
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Current Music:none
Subject:spring break...where are you??!
Time:10:54 pm
Current Mood:restlessrestless
So I didn't babysit tonight.
No stuffing my face with candy and chips.
...that's sad.

Donnie Darko is one of the most interesting movies I've ever seen. I liked it.

Thursday just wont come fast enough.

I'm running out of inspiration to take pictures.

I actually wrote some lyrics/poetry/whatever you want to call it today. Hadn't done that in awhile.

My mom rearranged my entire room today. It looks awesome. I love my mom.

I think I want to buy My Chemical Romance's CD. Just because I love the song 'Helena'. I know its weird, but I dont care. IT'S MUSIC.

I have over 21 bottles of perfume/fragrances.

Choppy sentances and overusage of the enter key is exciting and random.

The end.

P.S. My internet logs me off at random and spontaneous times. It's bugging me.
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Current Music:something on the TV in the background
Subject:dun dun dun
Time:10:09 pm
Current Mood:lovedloved
Hmm...haven't updated in awhile. I'm finding less and less time to be online.

This are going fantastic. It's been a month and three days, and things couldn't be better, except for the fact I only get to see him on weekends or maybe once during the week. Maybe I'm just spoiled. But it's what I look forward to all the time. I might go to his house tomorrow if circumstances allow it. If not, then Wednesday. If not then, then we'll just have to see what happens.

Spring break starts Thursday!! Well, that's the last day of school for a glorious week and 2 days. I think. <3

I'm starting to want to play music again. And make songs. We'll see what happens.
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Current Music:The Living End - Who's Gonna Save Us
Time:12:10 pm
Current Mood:geekygeeky
The concert was pretty good. They only played a couple of songs that I really liked/never heard of, the rest was from my mom's CD. But it wasn't that bad. I got a lot of pictures, maybe when I get home I'll do that. I need to figure out how to do the livejournal cut/link thing. Everyone does that. :(

I bought a new CD: The Living End's 'Modern Artillery'. This CD is FANTASTIC. I'm in love with it. No, really. I am.

Seeing Green Day in concert would make my life perfect. I think I'd die from excitement.

Eating donuts every day for the past week and then having take out for lunch and dinner makes you fat. It's almost sad.

And you see, it's like, I love this boy. <3
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Time:09:46 am
Current Mood:energeticenergetic
Dentist appointment on Wednesday. I hate dentist appointments. :(

I broke my CD player, and was without music for a week. It was torture. Horrible. I wanted to die. But then my mom got me this snazzy blue one, and it's fantastic. Thank you mom. =)

I'm still as happy as ever. It's funny how things change from year to year. It's totally unpredictable. :)

Ok, the end for now. And yes, I do realize that every last sentance in my post ends with a smiley face. Cuz I'm cool like that. :) haha just kidding.

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[icon] life's one big happy trip
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